Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education Institutions (DLHE)

Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education Institutions (DLHE) is a dataset created by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). It provides information on the activities of students after leaving a higher education institution and HESA collects this information through a survey carried out approximately six months after students leave University. The information collected includes:

  • Whether the leaver has entered work or is undertaking further study
  • What type of work or study this is
  • Industry sector
  • Occupation type
  • Geographical distribution.

Much of the data are also linked to data from the HESA Student Record thereby allowing analysis of destinations by students’ attributes such as gender, subject of study and qualification obtained. This is information which the University is already legally obliged to provide to HESA.

The University sends information from the survey to HESA where it is linked to other information held about you as a student, including similar information you gave when you enrolled, and details of the qualification you gained.

Please note that your HESA record will not be used in any way that affects you personally, it is used for statistical purposes only. HESA ensure that individuals are not identified from the anonymised data which they process.

HESA’s DLHE records are used for the following purposes:

  • To enable Government or Statutory educational bodies (such as HEFCE and their agents) to carry out their public functions connected with education
  • To enable the Office for National Statistics and the National Audit Office to fulfil their statutory functions of measuring population levels and monitoring public expenditure.
  • To produce anonymised data in annual statistical publications.
  • To provide anonymised data to third parties (e.g. other universities, charities, unions, commercial organisations, journalists for the purposes of Equal opportunity, research, journalism and other legitimate processing

HESA is also responsible for a longer term DLHE survey called the Longitudinal DLHE. HESA commissions a third party organisation to undertake this survey to which the University provides data. While the University endeavours to ensure that it only provides data on people who have not opted out of being contacted by the University or other organisations, it cannot guarantee this as some opt outs are for specific departments and others are across the University. Should anyone be contacted by a third party organisation in relation to the Longitudinal DLHE, and prefer not to take part, please let us know on

Should you wish to know what data HESA holds about you, or for further information about the HESA record please see or email