Disposal of Confidential Information

There should be procedures for the disposal of computer media in your area. Confidential material should be disposed of by the following means:

  • Paper should be shredded and then disposed of in waste sacks and recycled with other waste paper. Paper shredders should be available in your area in order to shred sensitive documentation but there is no need to use them for everything.
  • Bagging up confidential waste for removal and destruction by a commercial secure waste disposal company. If your Unit does not have arrangements, special waste sacks for confidential waste can be ordered from Estates and Facilities Management who will send you the sacks and then take them away when they are full. The Cleaning helpline is 53091
  • Electronic media such as disks and tapes should be reformatted and then cut up Diskettes should be pulled apart and the real 'floppy' disk cut up with scissors.
  • In order to ensure the removal of confidential information from hard drives, they should really be formatted at least three times and then completely overwritten (re-formatted disks still contain information and can be read unless they have been formatted to government standards).
  • Hardware and other software must be disposed by secure methods through the ILS Service Desk and not thrown on the local tip. ILS either ensures controlled physical destruction of the relevant parts or provides hardware to a third party organisation which first completely wipes all data using a strong magnetic current (guaranteed under legal contract) and then passes on the hardware to organisations such as schools.
  • Highly Confidential files should be deleted using Entrust True Delete or equivalent software.