Passing information to contractors

If you intend to use a third party organisation for some processing of personal data, you need to be very careful.

Examples of this could include:

  • Contracting a company to undertake a survey of students in your school and plan to give student contact details to the company.
  • If you need a database containing medical information to be tested by a consultant
  • Sending labels with alumni address out to a mailing house.

It is up to the University to ensure that any third party to whom we pass on information for processing on our behalf does so within the requirements of the Data Protection Act. The University remains the Data Controller and so remains responsible for the use of personal information.

A form titled ' Data Protection agreement between the University and a Service Provider' has been created for you to use to ensure that any data processors will manage the personal information properly. It makes them liable for any breach of the act and any company worth its salt should happily sign it.

If you do not wish to use this form or are having problems please get in touch with the University Records Manager, Matthew Stephenson (Tel: 0161 295 6856, Email: