Films and videos

In the context of copyright, a recording on any medium from which a moving image can be produced can be classed as film. This may include film prints/reels, videos, DVDs CD-ROMs, computer moving image files, visual aspects of computer games etc.

Authorship for a film is owned jointly by the producers and the directors of the film. It must be noted that a film will contain many components which would have its own copyright owner. For example, the writer of the screenplay would own copyright for the screenplay, the composer of the score would own copyright to the score etc.

How long copyright lasts

Although copyright for a film as a whole would initially be held by the producer and the director of the film, the duration of copyright, however, is 70 years from the death of the last surviving of these individuals: producer, director, composer and scriptwriter.

Fair Dealing

Fair dealing for films exists only for the purpose of criticism or review. Fair dealing does not extend to research or private study.

Educational Copying

Films may only be copied for the purposes of examination or for the training in the making of films or film soundtracks.