Broadcasts are defined as transmissions of images, sounds or other information which can be received lawfully by the public. Copyright in a broadcast is usually owned by the person who transmits the programme and lasts for 50 years after the year the broadcast was made.

Fair Dealing

Fair dealing in broadcasts is allowed for criticism and review and reporting current events.

Broadcasts may also be recorded for personal use. For example, a recording of a television or radio programme does not infringe copyright if it is made in your own home and is used strictly for private purposes.

Educational Copying

Broadcasts can be copied for classroom use only if with an appropriate licence. Fortunately the University holds an ERA licence (Education Recording Agency) which allows the recording of most television and radio programmes for educational purposes within the University. Please see our Licences page for more information.

For any other use you may need the permission for the rights holder, unless copyright exemptions apply.